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We represent individuals, corporations and organizations worldwide in their U.S. Immigration matters.

Green Card Lawyer In Brooklyn

The physical green card itself is a wallet-sized identity card with your picture, but its meaning is much more significant than that. The process to acquire one can be convoluted or relatively smooth, depending on a variety of factors. Only an experienced immigration lawyer can counsel you through the process of obtaining your green card…Read More

H-1B Visa Application

The DOL is the agency tasked with protecting the U.S. worker and their wages from foreign workers.

With that in mind the H-1B regulations require U.S. employers that sponsor foreign nationals to work in the U.S. in H-1B status to notify the public, and specifically potentially impacted U.S. workers of their intent to hire foreign workers; how many, in what role, where they will perform the work, and the wages that will paid…Read More

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