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L-1 VisaAn L-1 visa holder can shift their company. However, it is a very rare circumstance, given the requirement that the L-1 visa holder must have been employed by the foreign affiliated entity for 12 of the previous 36 months prior to the application for the L1 visa.

My L1 visa is valid for another six months and my EB-1 petition is pending. Do I have to extend my L1 status?

The recommendation is that you maintain your nonimmigrant status until the actual physical receipt of the green card, which would only be issued after approval by Form I-485. The pending I-140 petition, once approved, would not give you status to remain in the U.S. nor authorization to work in the U.S. You absolutely should extend your L1 status until you physically receive your green card. Even if the EB-1 petition is approved, you should still extend your L1 status.

I hold an L1 visa and want to apply for my green card. Do I automatically qualify for EB-1?

You are eligible to apply under the EB 1 status. The qualification is determined by the U.S.C.I.S adjudicator. You are not required to be in L1 status at the time of filing the I-140 EB1 petition. We have successfully applied for green card applications for individuals who have never entered the US in L-1 status and were outside of the U.S. when we filed the I-140 petition for them, and they did a consular processing of their green card.

Can I Change My Status While In The US In L1 Status?

You may change your status to another nonimmigrant status while you are in the U.S., as long as you have not violated the terms of your stay and you otherwise qualify for the status to which you wish to change.

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